Youth Football and Cheer

2024 Registration Opens March 1st

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What you gain

Discipline and Hard Work

Football and Cheerleading both require significant skill development, precise timing with teammates, and focus. As a team and individually, these skills are coached and reinforced during the season and over multiple seasons.

Team Values

Football and Cheerleading are not individual sports. Players and Cheerleaders must learn to work together as one to succeed as a team. These learned skills are as important on the field as they will be in your child’s life. Teamwork and supporting each other are important values taught at M.A.R.S Youth Football & Cheer.

Friendship and Community

Football players, cheerleaders, and their families spend a lot of time together between practices, games, and events. There is an undeniable sense of community that develops within our organization and every new family makes it stronger.

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